Tuesday, May 13, 2014

IndigenousX can help you to StartSomeGood!

Crowdfunding is quickly becoming recognised as a viable source of funding free of the constraints of government, corporates and philanthropic groups. It allows people to raise money from the public (the crowd) for a good project or activity. It often involves raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, most commonly through the Internet. Many individuals and groups have successfully raised funds and fostered awareness through crowd funding.

IndigenousX is a social media project developed and run entirely by Indigenous people, and a key part of this project is supporting fellow Indigenous people, communities, and projects to raise much needed funds through our partnership with the excellent crowdfundingplatform, StartSomeGood. StartSomeGood connects people and their ideas with the support they need to get them happening -- all in a fun, engaging and community-driven way, and unlike most platforms is focused on projects that make a positive impact on the world.

IndigenousX has access to a growing audience of potential supporters who can help spread the word and raise funds online for your campaign, project or idea. Through StartSomeGood, it can help you tap into supporters locally and from around the world. Currently, IndigenousX and StartSomeGood have access to a combined audience of 50,000 people on Twitter alone, as well as numerous other promotion opportunities. Combine this with your own networks and audiences and we have an opportunity to reach thousands upon thousands of people who will be made aware of your project, and will have the opportunity to support it.

Not only does IndigenousX offer a specific platform to raise funds for your project or campaign, it also provides support in the development of the campaign, and a massive boost to promoting it once it is online. Your fundraising venture can be for social good projects, community initiatives, artistic projects, or any number of other good ideas.

Since November 2013 IndigenousX and StartSomeGood have together raised funds for a range of Indigenous issues and projects. Early successes have included the Vote Yes film starring Miranda Tapsell about the 1967 Referendum (over $20,000), an Elders Report into Indigenous self harm and youth suicide (over $9,500), and an Aboriginal health blog series (over $7,500).

How to apply

Becoming an IndigenousX StartSomeGood campaign requires firstly discussing your idea with IndigenousX and meeting the StartSomeGood criteria. IndigenousX can support fundraising ideas that fit with the aims of IndigenousX and that it has capacity to support at any given time.

If selected, we will help you to develop your idea into a complete StartSomeGood fundraising campaign, including help to create an inspirational project description, comprehensive plan for use of funds, and promotional support.

If you would like to discuss your campaign ideas with IndigenousX, please contact Luke Pearson at

For more information and terms and conditions on the IndigenousX & Start Some Good partnership, go here:

To check out other StartSomeGood projects, go here http://startsomegood.com.