Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Australia: If You Don't Love It, Blah Blah Blah...

There are so many reasons why I hate this slogan that I am struggling to find a place to begin without my mind racing away on all the myriad ways in which this slogan is pathetic, hypocritical, and illogical.

*Takes a deep breath*

So, what are people trying to say with this slogan, and who are they trying to say it to? That seems like a pretty good place to start.

They are generally saying it to people who complain about Australia, its laws and customs, or who don't appear to want to assimilate into Australian way of life.

I need to clarify here though, not the people who complain about the non-White Australians, especially Aboriginal people; and not the white people who came here and refused to respect the original laws and customs of this continent, learn the languages or assimilate into its way of life. And not the ones who hate Australia so much that they constantly try to change its laws; ie the right to be free from racial vilification, to due process, to justice under the law, to seek asylum, to migrate, to manage your own income, practice your own religion, wear the clothing that you want to... not them. They're patriots apparently.

They generally mean the people who don't love the real Australia™, and all that it stands for: meat pies, beer, footy, the flag, southern cross tattoos, the White Australia Policy, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, abusiveness, drunkenness... you know... STRAYA!! (Unless you're in one of the many other countries that also have all of those things)

And while I hate to burst anyone's bubble, that's not what being Australian is. That's what being a wanker is.

Because while I do like meat, and alcohol now and then, and sport, and various other things that are enjoyed in many parts of the Western world and beyond, and I do like the Southern Cross as much as anyone in the dozens and dozens of countries who can see it in most nights, or have it on their flags as well, I don't think there is anything exceptionally 'Australian' about them.

And as for all the other stuff, I kinda want to say "Stop living in the past you racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, assimilationist clowns... ', but I know that 'Get over the past' is only for Indigenous history. For White Australian history its 'Lest We Forget', except for all the stuff they would rather forget... which most have forgot.       

You don't have to like it when I say that Australia is run by racist fuckwits, and most racist fuckwits out on the streets wearing those weak as piss, made in China shirts are tragically gullible people who sadly believe whatever they hear on TV as long as it is said slowly and hatefully because they lack basic commonsense or individual thought, but you should be willing to defend to the death my right to say it... because some white guy was misquoted as saying that once, in specific reference to a book some other white guy wrote.

Same deal for when I point out that in Australia, you don't have the right to ban people's religions, to ban their clothes, or their languages, or them... well, not anymore anyway. The government does still have some very racist powers in the Constitution, but they seem to have no problem being racist without always needing to invoke them.

In Australia, you don't have the right to racially vilify people.

You don't really have 'the right' to be a bigot either, it's just not always illegal to be a bigot. 'Rights', and 'things that aren't necessarily illegal' aren't really synonyms though.

In Australia, we have had Indigenous people for tens of thousands of years. We have had white people for 226 years. African people, Jewish people, and various others got here at the same time, on the same boats in fact; and lots of other people came here long before white people, at the same time as white people, and immediately after white people, and will continue to so for the foreseeable future.

And even with all of this ongoing migration, it still is and always will be Indigenous lands.

You can wrongly say that anyone who was born here is Indigenous to Australia; and I can say how ignorant that is and how detrimental to our nation it is.

You can deny that science is real, and I can say how ignorant that is and how detrimental to our nation it is.

You can openly demonise innocent men, women and children for the corporate and political gain of others, and I can say how ignorant that is and how detrimental to our nation it is.

You can even wear racist shirts, and I can say how ignorant that is, and how detrimental to our nation it is. 
FYI: It's very ignorant, and very detrimental to our nation. 

You can deny our children a balanced education. You can deny other people's children food, shelter, and safety. You deny justice to people who are wronged by our police, politicians, or corporations. And I can say that you are evil as fuck for all of the above... because that is pretty fucking evil.

I can say that you are a part of the problem and not the solution, because you are.    

That is Australia... that is what we each have the right to do.

And don't you just fucking love it?!

Australia has long allowed the blurring of lines between nationalistic pride and fascist beliefs and practices, and this shirt is an embodiment of that. It is the litmus test to how socially acceptable fascism is in this country. And at the moment, I'd have to say: very. It is very acceptable to declare to the world that you are a horrible person in general, and a hate filled bigot. Not only is it acceptable in public, you can make a very good living in politics or media with absolutely zero other skills on your resume.

You can also make a decent living selling racist shirts to racists apparently.

And while Australia is doing a pretty good job at keeping out lots of non-white people who would be happy to live here peacefully, and tormenting the hell out of the non-white people currently living here; that doesn't change the fact that there has always been plenty of other non-white people already living here who aren't going anywhere. So either we can all start trying to respect each other and make this country great again, for the first time in over 220 years, or we can just keep hating each other while our government robs us blind on behalf of a handful of greedy billionaires who look down upon all of us with absolute contempt.


And if you really can't come to terms with that. If you hate Australia so much that this information is just too much to bare, then yes, you can leave... If you want. Or not. Whatever.

Ossie Ossie Ossie - Ostrich Ostrich Ostrich.

Or whatever.
And for those who come across the seas, we've boundless plains to share - you just might need to wait a while while we try and deal with all of these racist fuckwits who are trying to make our national anthem into even more of a lie than it already is...

But if there's one take home message that I want to leave you with, it's: buy an IndigenousX shirt.

Not as a 'message to the racists' or whatever, I just want everyone to wear an IndigenousX shirt... and I want your money.