Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Some Good News

ICYMI IndigenousX just cracked 20,000 followers on the Twitters which is pretty cool.

(Still gotta a decent way to catchup on the IndigenousX Facebook page though, but it's getting there.)

And something else that happened recently is that I found IndigenousX was successful in our very first ever grant with the Australian Council for the Arts, or with anyone for that matter.

It is to create an IndigenousX Anthology of 21 Indigenous writers, each writing a 2000 word article on pretty much whatever they want. Seeings as that is how the twitter account works it seemed sensible to do the anthology in the same spirit.

And with a list of peeps as impressive as this one is, I figure it was still a reasonably safe play.

I will keep you updated as it all starts coming together. I am already getting people's ideas and notes and they are all looking pretty amazing I must say. We are hoping it will be available as a free download later in the year, and maybe even a very limited print run for the super keen peeps among you.

I hope it does really well and can become an annual addition to the IndigenousX canon, but I I reckon I might focus on this one for now and let the future sort itself out from there...  

But these are two pretty big milestones for IndigenousX, so thank you to everyone who has helped make them happen.

Looking forward to telling you what the next one is fairly soon too ;)


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